The Road to Making Your VA Your Most Trusted Business Partner


Table of Contents

  • The Road To Making a VA Your Most Trusted Business Partner
  • Avoiding The Dead End: Finding Help Before You Burn Out
  • Choosing Your Route: Which Type of VA is Right for You
  • Preparing For The Journey: Making Sure You AND Your Business are Ready for a VA
  • Successfully Reaching Your Destination: Finding the Right Virtual Assistant for You
  • 5-Star Ratings: The Cost of a Highly-Trained Virtual Partner
  • Interviewing With A VA
  • Considering Reviews: A Word About Your VA’s References
  • A Successful Journey: Working With Your VA’s
  • Managing Expectations: Making Sure You’re Both On The Same Page
  • Starting The Journey: Be Patient, Be Clear
  • Respecting Your VA As A Business Owner
  • Creating The Perfect Relationship
  • When Not To Use A VA
  • Changing Routes: Ending the Relationship

26 pages

A highly trained virtual assistant will be one of the most valuable resources on your team. Learn how to develop a lasting relationship that will help you to grow your business, and eventually your team.


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