Launch Tech Blueprint – VA Edition


You'll receive not only the entire Launch Tech Blueprint course, but also these special VA-only bonuses!

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Free Special VA-Only Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Talk to Your Launch Clients Like a Pro call: I’ll explain avatars, transformation statements, problem solution path and other launch vocabulary so you understand exactly what your clients are talking about.
  • Bonus #2: Confidently Recommend the Exact Services Your Launch Clients Need to Use call: We’ll go through the most common platforms and services used when launching so you can see the pros and cons and make educated recommendations to your clients.
  • Bonus #3: Flourish as a Launch VA call: We’ll talk about how being a launch VA is often different than the traditional virtual assistant role, the different types of pricing structures for launch VAs from packages to hourly rates, and how to avoid the mistakes I made when starting out.
  • Bonus #4: Get Unstuck with 12 months of Live Office Hours: Get hung up on a piece of tech? Need to understand how to best help your client? Jump on a Live Office Hours call with me and we’ll get you sorted out.
  • Bonus #5: Experience a Launch First Hand by Watching Mine from Behind the Scenes: Learn launch strategy first hand by watching mine from the back end. Sign up by Monday, April 24 at 11:50pm ET and you will get daily behind the scenes emails from me on my own launch. Each day during my launch you will see what my launch clients are seeing as well as get an email from me that explains the purpose behind each step that I take. Watch my videos at they are being shot, understand the reasoning behind the timing I use and be right there with me as we go through the launch together.


You’ll get all of the VA-only bonuses in addition to the regular Launch Tech Blueprint Content:

So, now you’ve seen the bonuses, you’re probably wondering about the course itself. Remember, the course is $497 for online business owners, and it’s $497 for you. You just get a lot more cool bonuses (shhhh….):

Module 1: Build a Massive Following: Uncover Your Clients’ Favorite Hangouts and Delight Them With Your Generosity Using Lead Magnets and Social Media

Module 2: Make the Connection: Clearly Understand and Integrate Landing Pages, Opt-In Forms and Email Autoresponders While Calmly Sipping Coffee at Your Desk

Module 3: Talk with Your Customers Like They’re In the Next Room: How to Use Surveys, Emails and Social Media to Find Out What Your Perfect Client Really Wants

Module 4: Lights! Camera! Engagement! Pull Your Audience in with Cleanly Edited Video That Looks Beautiful on Your Landing Page


  • Your Launch Vault: 10x Your Next Launch by Installing Pixels, Tracking Visitors and Understanding Analytics: A Crazy Good Extra Module with Super Statistican Bret
  • Get Your Questions Answered Live with Weekly Calls
  • Choose Your Services without Breaking a Sweat Using Comparison Charts for Email Service Providers, Webinar Serices, Survey Sites and Landing Pages
  • Effortlessly Know Your Launch Schedule with Our Interactive Launch Timeline


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