Launch Tech Blueprint


It's time to get your product launched!


Launch Tech Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Course to Get Your Launch Off the Ground

Module 1: Build a Massive Following: Uncover Your Clients’ Favorite Hangouts and Delight Them With Your Generosity Using Lead Magnets and Social Media – Discover where your clients are hiding and what will lure them out.

Module 2: Make the Connection: Clearly Understand and Integrate Landing Pages, Opt-In Forms and Email Autoresponders While Sipping Coffee at Your Desk – Calm the chaos in your head. I’ll explain how they all work and how to set them up once in a way that makes perfect sense.

✔ Module 3: Talk with Your Customers Like They’re In the Next Room: How to Use Surveys, Emails and Social Media to Find Out What Your Perfect Client Really Wants – Experience the confidence of knowing how to set up online communication with your list so that you can develop a relationship with them and offer exactly what they need.

✔ Module 4: Lights! Camera! Engagement! Using Video to Meet Your Clients Where They Are – Breakthrough your video fears and create raving fans with videos that are easy and inexpensive to make.

✔ Module 5: Your Launch Vault: 10x Your Next Launch by Installing Pixels, Tracking Visitors and Understanding Analytics: You know you’re supposed to collect data, how to do it and what to do with it once you’ve got it!


  • “We’re in This Together” Live Online Office Hours – Pop in, ask me a question and we’ll get you fixed up and on your way.
  • “No Excuses, Get it Done” Online Work Sessions Twice during the course, you will have a six-hour focused block of time to work on your launch at your desk. We’ll start the call together by sharing what we’ll work on for the next two hours, then will check back in and fill the group in on our progress. I will be available the entire time to answer questions and get your tech snags untangled. These sessions are the fastest way to get your launch finished.
  • “Select Your Online Services Faster Than You Can Order a Grande Non-Fat Vanilla Latte!” Comparison Charts for Email Service Providers, Webinar Services, Survey Sites and Landing Pages
  • “Know Your Launch Schedule Better Than You Know Your Family” Customizable & Interactive Launch Timeline


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