Launch in a Weekend Workshop – Nov. 4 & 5


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Get it Done! Weekend Launch Implementation Workshop.

Note: The November workshop is Saturday & Sunday.

Looking for a later Implementation Workshop? Check out the December workshop, on Dec. 8 and 9

What’s included?

At its core, this is a “No Excuses, Get it Done” Online Workshop. Over two consecutive days, you will have a six-hour focused block of time to work on your launch at your desk. I’ll start our call together teaching you about email service providers, and how to set up your list, your form and your confirmation pages. You will then have a block of time to work on your own while I stay on line to answer questions as needed. An hour later, we’ll get back on the call together and you’ll let me know how you did and where you might have gotten stuck. Before we move to the next session, I’ll make sure you’re unstuck and ready to move forward.

From there we’ll cover landing pages and opt in forms. The workshop will continue in this way, alternating teaching and working sessions until your launch is set up. I will be available the entire time to answer questions and get your tech snags untangled. These sessions are the fastest way to get your launch finished.

My support doesn’t stop when the weekend is over. We’ll have two additional calls in the following weeks to answer new questions and continue to move you forward.

Plus, you’ll also have:

  • A 30-minute pre-course conference and evaluation, to help us set the stage for your success
  • Full access to my online course, Launch Tech Blueprint – over 12 hours of “how to” instructional videos, broken down into easy-to-digest steps so you can refer back to what you learned for future launches.
  • Membership in the Launch Tech Blueprint private Facebook group, for continued support from current members and alums.

You’ll also get my most popular bonus:

  • “Know Your Launch Schedule Better Than You Know Your Family” Customizable & Interactive Launch Timeline – plug in your launch date to find out when each step of your launch is due.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels and wishing you could launch but are stuck on the tech, this weekend was designed for you. Face it, every hour you’re spending trying to figure it out on your own is an hour you aren’t spending creating your product. Let me be your guide.

If you wish you could just hire someone because you hate tech, this is the course for you. I give you just the steps you need and nothing more.

If you’re determined to never show up at another marketing conference and tell people you’re still working on your launch, this is the course for you. You’ll learn exactly what you need to know to get launched now and then be able to smartly hire someone to handle new launches in the future.



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