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Hello there!

I’m so, so excited you decided to join me for the backstage pass to the launch for my new course!

As I mentioned, the launch starts next week with a preview email designed to warm up my audience, let them know that something is coming and ask them for their input in creating the best course possible.

In some circles, this is called the Shot Across the Bow. I’ll explain more why next week.

Rest assured, that even though you aren’t receiving any amazing content today, the best is yet to come. While you are waiting, you may want to check out my website and start to learn a little bit about launches.

A word of warning. There are some places that I tell business owners that they shouldn’t be using launch managers or VAs. If you read carefully, what I’m really advising them is that they should know and  understand their own tech. Too often I’ve found that online business owners want to wash their hands of the entire launch process and have the launch just go off magically. You and I both know that isn’t ever a good idea, because we’ve all worked with clients who want us to perform miracles and don’t want to take responsibility. I’m educating them from the get-go that this is not the best way to run a launch.

Rest assured, you are my people. I have your back and I will do everything I can to make sure that this course works to establish a terrific bond between you and your clients.

Ohhhh! I’m so excited to start working with you! Talk to you on Wednesday!