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The following exercise may be things you’ve done already. If they are, good for you! If they aren’t, these are the foundation steps to putting together a successful launch. Similar to building a house, you don’t want to build a launch on a shaky foundation. So, even if you have done this work before, I encourage you to look at it with a fresh eye. Don’t just fill in what you’ve done in the past, really think through your answers. Your launch will be the better for it!

These worksheets are able to be filled on or printed. Please note, with all fillable pdfs, you need to save them to your computer BEFORE you start filing the form in. If you fill in the version you open in a tab on your computer screen, your answers will not save. And, let me tell you, there’s nothing more disappointing than pouring your heart out on a worksheet and only to find out it didn’t save. I suggest you fill in the first box with the word “test,” save it, and then reopen it to make sure it saved.

This work will take you some time. Don’t try to cruise through them right before our first call. Here’s the thing with this work and all of the work we do moving forward. I won’t know if you’ve done it. But if you want to have the most success with the class, you need to do the work. Remember, I told you, this is a no excuses class! 🙂


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